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Creative & Trendy Wedding Photography Styles You’ll Want To Explore

When it comes to wedding vendors, the top spots on your checklist are bound to be your planner, photographer, and videographer. On your special day, documenting important moments with your loved ones in the best way is what you’re looking for. Those are the memories you’ll get to relive for years to come!

Almost all new couples choose to have their wedding personalized for a unique experience that reflects them. Whether it comes to themes, decor styling, editorial dresses, or hybrid weddings, more couples are trying to work with fresh ideas or totally ditching the traditional ways. But one of the most stylistic decisions you make (even before reaching out to potential photographers) is your wedding photography style. Whether you prefer dark and moody or fine art, candid shots, or classy clicks, here are a few styles to help you with your vision of how you want your big day captured.


Fine Art & Editorial


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Fine art and editorial shoots are great for refined and sophisticated pictures. With fine art photography, the images always tell a story. Clicks are taken in cohesive sets rather than disconnected snapshots. This art form typically uses film and natural lighting to create bright and airy photos and is commonly associated with soft, pastel colors and radiates minimalist, romantic vibes.

Editorial photos always look like they have been shot for a magazine cover. Creating elevated editorial imagery with high-fashion looks is what this style is all about. Being similar to a photoshoot, this style may not be as common for wedding photography, but we think that could change pretty quickly! And who doesn’t want to feel like a cover star on their big day?


Candid Captures


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Unlike fine art and editorials that are usually pre-planned with a vision in mind, the photojournalistic style of photography focuses on being present in the moment. As the term suggests, photographers using this technique approach your wedding as it would a feature or news story. They let moments unfold naturally as they go, without much interruption. The result? Honest, candid shots that capture heartfelt moments radiating raw emotions that feel like you’re reliving the moment in real-time!

From intimate scenes and nervous, sentimental moments to letting loose on the dance floor, photographers using this style are experts in making you feel comfortable and unaware of the camera to capture priceless memories throughout the day. Black and white photos also provide an added depth that can liven the emotions in the frame, with results that can leave you speechless.


Playing With Exposure


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Long exposure or slow-shutter photography uses a long-duration shutter speed, sharply capturing stationary objects while blurring out and smearing moving elements. These are perfect for creating poetic images that make you feel like the only two people in the world – like time has been frozen and nothing else matters. Double exposure photography is also a trend that we see a lot now. This editing technique layers two different exposures to combine two images into one, resulting in some artistic fairytale-like images.


Night Portrait: Flash + Film


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We all know about the prestigious ‘Golden Hour’ that offers the perfect natural lighting for aesthetic photographs. But while chasing the golden hour is ideal for capturing details in the best way, there’s is no need to rush to get all your pictures taken before sunset. In fact, during the day, you’ll have plenty of captures that immortalize those emotional, breathless moments. So once the party starts, there’s no room for tears, only crazy fun! Once the sun goes down, you can take the opportunity to create some unique nighttime images, changing up the vibe into something more edgy, flashy, and rock n’ roll. Film photography is also a cool style if you want to embrace retro aesthetics for a dynamic wedding album.


Private Sessions


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Celebrating with your friends and family is great, but sometimes, you’re too caught up in all the best wishes and attention that you miss out on finding a quiet moment to take it all in. But your wedding is all about celebrating you! Your love, your journey so far, and the start of a new chapter together. So when you have a day dedicated to the two of you, you’ll want to find some time to cherish together. Slip away with your photographer for a private session as newlyweds. This will give you a minute to appreciate everything, especially your spouse, and you’ll have a separate set of memorable wedding day photos meant just for the both of you.


Landscape Photography


Pictures Courtesy: @henrysdiary & @jane_iskra


What’s the point of a destination wedding if you aren’t going to click stunning pictures with scenic backgrounds? Mountains, beaches, and clifftops are highly scenic venues where you can create some uniquely striking photos. Scout for gorgeous venues and allow your photographer to capture your adventurous spirit with sweeping landscapes.


If you love these trendy photography styles but don’t want to stick to just one, you can have your photographers use multiple techniques for each wedding affair! This is especially a popular idea for couples planning multiple-day celebrations, even pre-wedding or honeymoon shoots.


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